Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Great JuntoBox Experiment, Phase 2...

So, earlier I wrote about the website and how I put "Cyber Fighter" up there for consideration for production.  Well, we did make it to Level 4 and got over 100 followers as I had hoped for.   However, JuntoBox can only produce a small handful of films per year and so it is probably not likely for the indie studio to pick this one up for production.

However, the creators of the site have done a tremendous service to the filmmaking community by providing a forum in which to pitch, promote, and team up for our various projects.  Unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc. , JuntoBox is a filmmakers' community.  We all share the same dream and are able to come together to support each other and help get the word out on our films.  For those creators who are inclined to go the crowdfunding route, JuntoBox allows you to link an Indiegogo campaign.

You can also solicit cast and crew applications for your film, in order to build a team.  Right now, we are working on a list of crew positions that are key in this development stage.  If we can fill certain positions with amazing talent, it will help us get further towards full financing and eventual production.

So, I can safely say that JuntoBox has so far been a success.  Sometimes the path you end up taking isn't the one you thought you would take at the beginning of the journey, but it can lead to greener pastures.

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